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blog is moving

12 Feb

please join me in celebration as i announce my new site: here you will be able to see more of my work including my current projects. i’ll be continuing my project 365+1 at (under the blog section).

i would be honored if you subscribed to my new blog (go to the blog section and click on “sign me up!”).  although i’m learning a lot about all things web-related, i haven’t figured out how to link my current followers to my new site.  if you’re interested, please sign up!  many thanks and see you there!



365+1. day 12. (1.12.12 . . love this)

12 Jan

made a great soup tonight.

365+1. day 5.

5 Jan

thanks to my smarty pants brother for reminding me that 2012 is a leap year. this means project 365 gets a bonus image! it’s fitting i came across this image in a nearby park.  numbers must have been on my mind.

365. day 4.

4 Jan

365. day 3.

3 Jan

bought these shoes when i lived in nyc.  i love that they get worn through dirt and puddles now.

365. day 2.

2 Jan



365. day 1.

1 Jan

365.  day 1.

mission accepted. here’s to starting off a new year right with a 365 project.