blog is moving

12 Feb

please join me in celebration as i announce my new site: here you will be able to see more of my work including my current projects. i’ll be continuing my project 365+1 at (under the blog section).

i would be honored if you subscribed to my new blog (go to the blog section and click on “sign me up!”).  although i’m learning a lot about all things web-related, i haven’t figured out how to link my current followers to my new site.  if you’re interested, please sign up!  many thanks and see you there!



365+1. day 42.

11 Feb

mural in fairhaven.

365+1. day 41.

10 Feb



365+1. day 40.

9 Feb

light painting.

365+1. day 39.

8 Feb


365+1. day 38.

7 Feb


365+1. day 37.

6 Feb

saw these barns on a walk today, couldn’t resist posting both.  love these rare sunny days . . they mean blue sky and lens flare!